In this course, you will learn how to dispense eRx scripts and non-eRx scripts. You will also learn how to dispense a new script and defer a script. This course also explains how to update external Safety Net totals and link family members. The End of Year process is included in this course.

Remember to take the Quiz (at the end of this page).

Getting started

Learn how to log into Fred Dispense Plus and become familiar with the Main Dispense screen layout and the Wait screen. Discover three ways to search for a patient in Fred Dispense Plus.


Main screen

Wait screen

Basic Patient Search

Advanced Patient Search

Add a new patient

Patient Shortcuts P, F, A, S

Add a new patient

Dispensing electronic scripts

Embedded MedView Flow and MySL

ePrescribing in Fred Dispense Plus

How to register a Patient for MySL

Dispensing scripts

eRx scripts

Dispensing basic

Non-eRx scripts

Dispensing basic

Edit scripts

Edit scripts

Defer during dispensing

Defer a script

Defer after dispensing

Defer a script

Advanced features

Final check


Script Audit

Script Audit

Patients and prescribers

Add Patients

Add a new patient

Prescribers - Create or update

Add or update a prescriber

Safety net

External patient's scripts totals

Family Safety Net

Link as a family

Family Safety Net