Defer a script

Manual Dispense

You can defer the supply of a medicine on an original prescription, so that it can be dispensed later, if the patient does not require the medicine at this point. The product is dispensed the same way, but the amount of times the medicine has been supplied must be zero. The repeat authorisation form must include the mention Original Supply Deferred. You can only create a deferred supply from an original prescription.

Defer a new script

  1. From the Main Dispense screen, scan the eRx barcode or select the patient you are dispensing for.
  2. Enter details of the script.
  3. Tap the Status field and select Deferred.

    If using a keyboard, enter the letter D into the repeats field to set the status to Deferred.

    The letter D is appended to the number of repeats in the Repeats field.

  4. Complete the dispensing as per normal.

    If you change the number of repeats without adding the letter D, Dispense changes the Status entry to Normal.

    In the History section of the Main Dispense screen, Deferred scripts are displayed in blue font against a light blue background.