My Script List (MySL)

The MySL service pulls together a view of both ePrescriptions and paper prescriptions for patients who consent to the service. In many ways MySL is like an electronic version of the traditional Scripts on File service offered by many pharmacies. Pharmacists may enroll patients for the service via the assisted registration process and request access to view and dispense from a patient’s list.

The MySL service gives pharmacists a more complete view of a patient’s current active prescriptions and removes the need for ePrescription tokens.

Benefits of MySL

How to use MySL to optimise workflow

MySL Indicators

When searching for a patient in Fred Dispense Plus, the MySL indicator displays the status of the selected patient's MySL.

Once the MySL indicator has been refreshed, you can select it to launch the MedView Flow web app, and request access to this patient's MySL (If not already granted).

The colour assigned to each status MySL indicator in Fred Dispense Plus matches the colour of the MySL buttons in MedView Flow, as follows:

If the patient ... In Fred Dispense Plus In MedView Flow Next step
The patient exists in Dispense with an active and verified IHI but is not registered for MySL. Register your customers (on MedView webhelp)
The patient is registered for MySL and has consented to the pharmacy accessing their list. View MySL and dispense (on MedView webhelp)
The patient has MySL but has not consented to the pharmacy viewing their MySL. Request access (on MedView webhelp)
While you wait for the primary contact to reply to your request, the MySL indicator changes to MySL Requested. Request access (on MedView webhelp)
The patient is registered for MySL but has declined your pharmacy's access request. Go to MedView Flow and select MySL Declined to send a new consent request for approval. Request access(in MedView webhelp)
The patient does no have a valid IHI.   Go to Patient Maintenance and validate the patient's IHI (see Add a new patient).

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