Manage your apps


You can add, remove or re-order the tiles in the AppBar for Fred NXT Dispense. Each App displayed in the AppBar Manager (under My Apps) includes a Settings button. The Setting window for each App can be used to record user details.

Select and re-order tiles in the AppBar

  1. Tap (under the AppBar) to display the App Store.

    The App Store displays two sections:

    • Available Apps: Displays all App tiles available to be added to Your Apps. All tiles display with an Add button.
    • My Apps: Display all App tiles already added to the AppBar.
  2. Tap to add a tile to My Apps.

    In Your Apps, you can perform the following actions:

    • Drag and drop any tile to re-order them to suit your preference.
    • Tap to Remove any tile and return it to Available Apps.

    Once you have selected and ordered your App tiles, tap Save to save your layout.